To the following people we would like to give a big thank you for their contributions:-

Thank you to all the residents of Greyhound Close who have kindly offered to donate to Team Toby via the 2011 Christmas lights.

Thank you so much to Romsey Fotografix for holding a minishoot and generously donating a poster size picture as a draw prize

Thank you to Greggs the Baker, Hedge End and The Naked Baker, Hedge End who have very kindly donated 15 French sticks each for the Team Toby Barn Dance

Thank you to Hollygrove Farm who are kindly supplying all the fruit and veg for the Team Toby barn dance at cost price

Thank you to Hannah Spink for offering to run the London Marathon for Team Toby - Good luck with this massive challenge.

Thank you to Alasdair Mayes, Lynn and Mark Cowdery, Kerry Holcombe, Leza Wilson, Graham De'ath, Jenny Pond and Valerie Swift for selling Raffle tickets. Its really appreciated.

Cathy Foxwell for setting up the mailmerge, stuffing envelopes and sending out the letters for raffle prizes. Also for paying for the paper, envelopes and stamps as a donation to Team Toby
- Your a star!

Justin Spain a massive thank you for setting up the website for Team Toby.

Sandra Plaw and Kerry Holcombe for arranging the Barn Dance.

Mark Evans, Mark Wusthoff, Simon Harte and Malcolm Instone for taking part in the forthcoming Welsh 1000m.